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Elinchrom D-Lite RX ONE Newborn Kit

Elinchrom systém blesků: D-Lite RX ONE
Počet bleskových hlav: 1
Příkon nastavitelného světla (watt): 100
Max. barevná teplota (Kelvin/K): 5500
Směrné číslo (při ISO 100): 32,4
Typ: Studiový blesk - sada
Rozměr (cm): 19 x 14 x 19
Hmotnost (kg): 0.9
Barva: šedá

Elinchrom D-Lite RX ONE Newborn Kit

At the heart of the kit is the Elinchrom D-Lite RX ONE flash, a compact powerhouse that delivers amazing results.

The included Elinchrom Transmitter Plus allows you to trigger the flash wirelessly from any camera. This makes it easy to control and convenient to use when you need to light up.

Create a soothing lighting atmosphere for your portraits with the exquisite Rotalux Octa Softbox. This 135 cm diameter softbox creates a soft and beautiful lighting environment, transforming your portraits into true masterpieces that enhance the beauty of your subjects.

The package includes a tripod with a height adjustment range of 88 cm to 235 cm. This allows you to easily position the light source at the desired height to bring your creative ideas to life.

The D-Lite RX ONE is a small but powerful compact flash unit with a wide range of accessories for endless possibilities. It combines all the remote control options and features of larger flash units and is the perfect addition for those already working with camera-mounted flashes. Thanks to the clever photo cell, the camera flash can activate the D-Lite and manually or automatically adjust the pre-flashes for correct synchronisation.


Elinchrom D-Lite RX ONE Monolight:

Power: 100 Ws
Aperture at 1m, 100 ISO, 48° Reflector: 32.4
Adjustable aperture values: 5
Power range: 1/1 - 1/16 Ws
Flash duration (T0.5): 1/2200 s
Flash sequence min/max at 230 V: 0.44 s / 1.5 s
Flash sequence min/max at 115 V: 0.45 s / 2.1 s
Color temperature: 5500°K
Automatic flash power adjustment when reducing power
Flash voltage stability in %: -/+ 5
Power supply voltage: Multivolt 90-260 V
Modeling light modes: proportional, min., max., off
Modeling light 230 V: E27 100 W / 196 V (effective 150 W)
Modeling light 115 V: E27 100 W / 90 V (effective 150 W)
Flash tube: Art. No. E24009, plug-in base, user-replaceable
EL-Skyport: 8 frequency channels, 4 groups, all RX functions
Sync voltage: 5 V, protects digital camera systems
Sync socket: 3.5 mm jack
Rated power consumption / 230 V / 50 Hz: 140 W
Rated power consumption / 115 V / 60 Hz: 170 W
Softbox/Reflector connection: Elinchrom standard bayonet with quick release
Umbrella holder: centered, with self-locking o 7 mm
Tripod mount: Standard socket O 5/8" (16 mm)
Dimensions (with protective cap): 19 x 14 x 19 cm
Weight: 0.9 kg

Transmitter Plus:

Range: up to 200 meters
Power supply: 2x AA batteries (not included)

Rotalux Octa Softbox:

Coverage without diffuser: 66/69°
Coverage with diffuser: 71/82°
Connection: Elinchrom standard bayonet


Height: 88 - 235 cm
Max. Load capacity: 4.5 kg

Package includes:

D-Lite RX ONE Monolight
Transmitter Plus
Rotalux Octa Softbox 135 cm
Elinchrom Speedring Rotalux
Tripod 88 - 235 cm
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Výrobce Elinchrom
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