Petkit Pura Max automatická samočisticí kočičí toaleta 62 x 55 x 54 cm

Intelligent self-cleaning litter box PetKit Pura MAX

You no longer have to waste time cleaning up after your cat. The PetKit Pura MAX intelligent self-cleaning litter box provides fast, automatic cleaning in just about 90 seconds. It offers 3 modes to choose from, and it will also deal with bad odor. You can control it remotely - using a dedicated app. The device will keep your cat comfortable and safe to use. It is also very easy to clean, and its operation is facilitated by a built-in OLED screen. The litter box is suitable for cats over 6 months old and weighing above about 1.6kg.

Save time and money

Did you know that you could waste up to 100,000 minutes a year simply cleaning your litter box by hand? With the PetKit Pura MAX, you'll save that time! You'll also start spending less money on litter - the device effectively separates it from clumps, allowing you to use less. What's more, you can easily use any type of clumping litter - clay, tofu, mixed, and many others. Note: we do not recommend using non-clumping litter - the automatic cleaning may not work properly.

Effective cleaning

Thanks to the specially designed TPE rubber, the litter box effectively separates litter from debris, which does not stick to the inside and quickly goes into the waste container. It is large enough that one cat can use the device for up to 15 days without any problems - only after this time will it be necessary to replace the litter bag. This means that Pura MAX will also come in handy when you go on a few days trip or a business trip. The tank is also extremely sealed, effectively preventing the spread of unpleasant odors.

3 modes of operation

Adjust the operation of the litter box to suit your needs. Pura MAX lets you choose from 3 modes of operation. Auto-cleaning makes the device automatically start cleaning when your cat uses the litter box and walks away. In manual-cleaning mode, you simply press a button on the litter box or on the app to start cleaning. Scheduled-cleaning allows you to create a schedule - use this option if you want Pura MAX to run at a specific time.

Get rid of bad smell

Pura MAX not only effectively separates clean litter from debris, it also eliminates odor. The built-in, detachable PURA AIR smart spray automatically sprays a special liquid that reduces odor and purifies the inside of the litter box every time your cat uses it. Its different modes of operation - scheduled and automatic - are also available. You can also press the button on the litter box at any time to manually activate the PURA AIR smart spray and get rid of the bad smell.

For the safety of your pet

The litter box is designed to ensure your cat's complete safety. It has been equipped with the advanced xSecure system, which consists of intelligent weight sensors, infrared sensor, smart detection, remote alerts and an accident protection system. As a result, you don't have to worry about your pet getting hurt. What's more, the Pura MAX automatically stops operation when your cat enters it or a weight change is detected.

Easy to use

Operating the litter box is extremely simple. Simply plug it in and pour the litter into it. The device is also equipped with buttons that provide convenient access to its most important functions. Pura MAX also has a built-in OLED screen that displays useful information such as its status. With this screen you can quickly find out, for example, if the device is connected to Wi-Fi. The display will also notify you about leveling the litter box, quick cleaning or deodorization.

More possibilities with the app

The PetKit app gives you easy access to many useful features. Among other things, you can remotely control the device and select cleaning modes. Moreover, thanks to built-in sensors, Pura MAX monitors and records such data as, for example, the weight of your cat, frequency and duration of litter box use, as well as the remaining amount of litter. You can find all the necessary information in the app. This allows you to take even better care of your pet's health. You will also always know when to refill the litter.

Thoughtful design

The modular design makes the litter box very easy to assemble and disassemble. You can also easily clean it - this way you will keep it in perfect condition even longer. The unit is also equipped with a small light that makes it easier for your pets to use it after dark. You can turn it on at any time with just a few clicks on the app. What is more, the height of the entrance to the litter box is only 20cm, so even older or sick cats can use it comfortably. The kit also includes colorful stickers, with which you can decorate the device.

In the box

- Pura MAX litter box

- Cat litter pad

- PURA AIR Smart Spray

- Trash bag roll

- Power adapter

- Stickers

- User Manual


Pura MAX

Cylinder dimensions

Waste container dimensions

Net weight

Package weight

Cylinder weight

Cylinder capacity

Waste container capacity

Max cat litter capacity in Cylinder

Max waste container cleaning period
About 15 days with 1 cat

20cm: 40dB;
100cm: 35dB;

Self-cleaning duration
About 90 seconds
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